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The trial block located in Kerang, Victoria represents the average farm and is impacted by the usual conditions that local growers may experience, such as sodicity, low organic matter and fragile soil structure. The average growing season rainfall is 232mm.

Irrigation Farmers Network (formerly Irrigated Cropping Council) conduct independent irrigated trials that provide relevant information for growers on the performance of crop varieties under irrigated systems in our local environmental conditions.

Irrigation Trials

In 2020 Irrigation Farmers Network are collaborating on the Smarter Irrigation for Profit – Phase 2 project. This project will address the challenge of reduced water availability by improving the water productivity of Australian cropping and pasture irrigators.

Independent Variety Trials

The variety trials are comparative crop variety testing with standardised trial management, data generation and collection to provide meaningful results for growers.

Agronomy Trials

Irrigation Farmers Network is collaborating with FAR Australia on the GRDC funded Project “Development and validation of soil amelioration and agronomic practices to realise the genetic potential of grain crops grown under a high yield potential.

Annual Research Results

We have not produced a full results booklet after 2019 – we aimed to get the trial results out to members at harvest.  View the results fact sheets – Click here

Field Day Notes

Irrigation Farmers Network (formerly Irrigated Cropping Council) field day provides an opportunity for you to see all the trial work and hear directly from the research scientists about the results and implications for your farm.