Irrigated Cropping Council Research

Irrigated Cropping Council Research

Irrigated Cropping Council is the leading member based research organisation in the region. We are committed to improving the profitability and long-term viability of mixed farmers and croppers through practical research, development and extension that leads to best practice. 

Leading Research


The Irrigated Cropping Council Research site was established in 2002 to provide a focal point for local irrigated research in the Victorian/Southern NSW region.

As a dedicated irrigated cropping research site, the ICC collaborate to run and host a number of small plot research trials annually. This includes variety trials, fungicide trials, time of sowing, nutrition and row spacing trials and irrigation scheduling.

Our Trials

Current Research
  • Irrigated Variety Trials, some of the only fully irrigated wheat, canola, barley and faba bean variety trials nationally.  Funded by ICC Memberships, Pioneer, Pacific Seeds, AGT, BASF, Nuseed, Seed Force, Seednet, Intergrain, University of Adelaide,
  • Optimising Irrigated Grains, small plot research investigating the agronomic levers to increase yields of maize, canola, durum, barley, faba beans and chickpeas. Delivered in collaboration with FAR Australia, funded by GRDC
  • Fodder for the Future, researching the balance between quantity and quality for winter cereal, winter pulse and summer fodder options. In collaboration with Murray Dairy this project is funded by Federal Government under the Murray–Darling Basin Economic Development Program.
  • Increasing soil carbon to ameliorate compaction in irrigated soils – Goulburn Broken CMA and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.
  • Heat Stress in Canola, a pure research project screening large amounts of germ plasm to see how they are impacted by heat stress, delivered in partnership with UWA and funded by GRDC
  • Smarter Irrigation for Profit – Phase 2 – Demonstrating different irrigation strategies aiming to get the best returns from water when prices are high, Funded by Rural Development Corporations (grains, rice, cotton, dairy and sugar), through funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture’s Rural R&D for Profit program.

Winter and Summer Cropping Research

ICC has two research sites dedicated to small plot research to help farmers make more informed decisions about their farm system, leading to optimising water use and maximising profitability in a sustainable way.

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