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By Irrigation Farmers Network

Best Management Practice Guide

Cereal fodder guide to help farmers decide what cereals to grow when irrigation water is limited. This guide also covers the risks, water use efficiency and cost effectiveness of home-grown forages.

Irrigated Best Management Practice - Double Cropping

This guide is a summary of the best management practices for irrigated double cropping in southern irrigation areas. It is based on the interpretation of the trial results as well as summarised feedback from experienced double croppers.

By GRDC and Others

GRDC Integrated Weed Management

Working together the grains industry has made significant advancements in weed management during the past 20 years, such as the evolution of harvest weed seed control and the prevalence of the double-knock control strategies, but the impact of weeds will continue to be problematic without an integrated approach.

GRDC Grains Industry’s Value in Regional Economies

Agriculture is a significant industry in regional Australia. Grains makes up roughly a quarter of Australia’s agriculture value and is a key commodity for regional communities across all 6 of Australia’s states.

Winter Crop Variety Sowing Guide 2020

Profit depends on choosing the most suitable variety for each paddock and sowing time, optimising tactical crop management to achieve the chosen variety’s yield potential, and matching the end product of both variety choice and management to available markets. This guide is updated annually with new variety and technical information, based on the latest research and development results from both NSW DPI and industry programs.

Nitrogen Reference for Southern Cropping Systems

Recent assessments have indicated that most grain cropping systems of Australia are in negative nitrogen (N) balance that is, more nitrogen is being exported off farm in products than is being applied as fertiliser or through biological dinitrogen (N2) fixation. Therefore, soil N fertility in Australian farms is likely to be declining.