Project Aim
The project aim is to evaluate crop response to agronomic practice across a range of irrigated systems and quantify yield potential in different environments targeting >4 t/ha canola. 
Research Summary

Trials established were investigating crop structure, plant population, nitrogen and disease management. 

The Canola trials include:
  • Optimum plant populations of canola grown under overhead and flood irrigation 
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency Trial – N rates 
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency Trial – N Timing trial 
  • Products rates and timing for disease management strategies in canola
  • Influence of plant growth regulation on canola yield and profitability
Final Results

Canola Good Management Guide

View the results from 3 years of research
Nitrogen Rates

How much N do we need for 5t/ha?

Nick Poole and Ben Morris of FAR Australia look at what we've learnt in GRDC's Optimising Irrigated Grain Project, in particular how much N do we need to grow a 5t/ha crop of canola under irrigation.