Harvest 2022 and Flood Resources

Harvest 2022 Flood and Harvest Info The 2022 season has created many challenges across our region with vast amount of rain and floods. The Ag industries have really pulled together to provide a huge amount of information and resources to help farmers navigate harvest and access support as needed. We invite you to one of […]
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Agronomy Trials

The GRDC Project “Development and validation of soil amelioration and agronomic practices to realise the genetic potential of grain crops grown under a high yield potential, irrigated environment in the northern and southern regions” includes 66 replicated field trials per year for 3 years. The trials cover the major irrigation types distributed across the Murrumbidgee and Murray Valleys of southern NSW, the Murray Valley of northern Victoria, south-east SA, SA/Vic Mallee and Tasmania.
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Faba Beans

Twelve faba bean varieties and lines were sown on April 30th and harvested on December 5th. Average yield was 5.1 t/ha. Lodging was an issue in 2019. Yields didn’t appear to reflect the size of the canopy.
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Barley Spring


Twelve barley varieties were sown on May 7th and harvested on November 25th. Average yield was 4.2 t/ha as a result of bird damage and lodging due to excessive vegetative growth. The highest yielding variety was Rosalind at 5.8 t/ha. The longer season varieties were the most disappointing.
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The canola variety trial has 21 varieties and was sown on April 23rd and watered up on April 24th. The “best return per Ml” trial last season demonstrated the need to build canola biomass during the winter in order to achieve high yields.
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